New Militant is small project which aims to build an independent voice for the Revolutionary Left. The idea is to create a platform for debate and discussion within the left which can rethink and debate the crucial issues of organization and power in the 21st century.

We want to adapt our organizational forms to the economic and technological reality in which we live. We want to return again and again to the question of power and how to seize it today.

To do this we want to both restore and rethink the culture of debate among the left. As an independent publication we will republish or host statements by organizations around the world, we will report independently on current events, and will seek to add our own contributions to ongoing debates within the Left.

We welcome writers from across the Left and we aim to implement a radically different model of how a magazine, newspaper or website works. To maintain our independence, the goal is to depend entirely on voluntary donations. To guard against bureaucracy, excess or authoritarianism, we want to give those donating the choice of what they give goes to editorial infrastructure and what goes to individual writers they wish to support.

In the long term we would like to implement an integrated system for this. In the short term, any contributer is welcome to add information about donating to them (through paypal, patreon, any platform) and this will be included with their post.

Contact us securely at: